Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a "Your Print Cloud" printer?
A: A "Your Print Cloud" printer is installed when you download the print driver installer. The installer creates a printer that allows you to print from any application just like you are printing to a printer on the desk next to you. The "Your Print Cloud" printer allows you to select "Your Print Cloud" locations that can print your documents. Some locations may charge for printing when you release the job and some locations may charge for printing when submitting the job.

Q: After I installed the driver and I print it keeps starting at the "Select Printer" tab.
A: You need to select a location. Double click the location name to select it. The location name appears in the "Printer Location" field. Then click "Select" to select the location. If you do not click "Select" then the location is not saved. If you are a registered "Your Print Cloud" user then you can change your location at any time.

Q: How do I know where I am printing?
A: When you get to the "Print" tab you will see a message "Print to Selected Location" that will show where you are printing. You can also go to the "Selet Printer" tab and see the location name in the "Printer Location" field.

Q: How do I know if I am being charged for my printing?
A: When you select a location in the driver under the "Select Printer" tab, there is a description of how the location charges for printing.

Q: How do I pay for my printing?
A: Exact payment methods depend on the location where you are printing. Check with the location before printing if you are not sure how to make payment at the location.

Q: I installed the driver and I just want to print to one location, but when I print I get the error message "Guest ID verification error".
A: When installing the driver the correct location was not selected during the install. Uninstall the driver (on a Windows PC go to "Uninstall a program" in the Control Panel, on a MAC no uninstall is necesary) and reinstall selecting the correct location during the installation. (Click locations for information on specific locations.)

Q: I installed the driver, selected my location but now I can't change the location.
A: If you are not a registered "Your Print Cloud" user you can only select one location. Register for free at to select other locations.

Q: I registered as a "Your Print Cloud" user but I still can't change locations.
A: If you previously selected a location that did not require a "Your Print Cloud" login you will need to check the box "Log in as a registered Your Print Cloud user" and log in with your "Your Print Cloud" log in information.

Q: I registered with "Your Print Cloud" and now I can't print to the location I had selected when I wasn't registered.
A: As a registered "Your Print Cloud" user you can print to many locations. Each location may have a unique login or payment option. Click the "Update Account" tab and enter the information for the location that is currently selected. It will be saved in your account for that location so anytime you select the location it will automatically be submitted when you print. You only need to do this once for each location you use.

Q: When I print I get the error message "Your id is not in the release manager".
A: If you are not a "Your Print Cloud" user, when printing to a location that has a release station you need to enter the same id and password in the print driver as you would at the release station. If you are a "Your Print Cloud" user and log into the driver with an email address, then click the "Update Account" tab after selecting the location and enter the id and password for the location. (Click locations for information on specific locations.)

Q: My login information changed for a location and now I can't print.
A: Click the "Update Account" tab after selecting the location and enter your new information. Your account will be updated.

Q: What happens if I check the box "Save my information on this computer"?
A: Your login information is saved on your computer and the next time you print it is automatically filled in for you. If you do not want to save your information, or your information is already saved and you want to not have it filled in for you then uncheck the box.

Q: I get an error "Unable to communicate with server" message.
A: The print driver is internet based so you must be connected to the internet. Check your internet connection.

Q: How do I select color printing when the option doesn't appear on the "Print" tab?
A: Some locations have both color and black and white printers and some do not. If color printing is not available the option will not appear on the "Print" tab.

Q: I get an error "Release manager offline" message.
A: The release station at the location is not accepting jobs. This could be because the release station server is down or there is another problem at the location. Contact the support person at the location for help.

Q: I get an error "Your id is not in the release manager" message.
A: Check the log in information if you are not logging in as a registered user. If you are logging in as a registered user then enter your log in information for the selected location on the "Update Account" tab. If you are still getting the error then check your log in information with the support person at the location.

Q: What is the tracking number I get when I print?
A: The tracking number is a unique number assigned to your print job in the "Your Print Cloud" system. It is the only way to positively identify your job in the system.

Q: Do I really need to write down my tracking number?
A: In some cases the title of your print job is changed to the tracking number at the location, or it is needed to release your job. It will also help support personnel when finding your job if there is a problem. It is always a good idea to save your tracking number.